Welcome to our Blog

Times change and ALTERVIDEO with them. We started in 1982 with U-Matic cameras and editors and typewriters. Now we have PCs, MACs, HD and the Internet.
Connecting through the Internet is transforming our world at breakneck speed.

We hardly find our friends in the streets or in the squares, we no longer hang out in the café. Now we meet on You Tube or Facebook Debati’m on forums, on websites, we chat with virtual friends from the other side of the planet.
To make new acquaintances, we are no longer restricted by geographical boundaries: school, work, neighborhood, city, etc. There are simply no boundaries and we can relate by affinity.
It doesn’t matter if we are fans of “bluegrass”, science fiction or the cinema of the 1940s and we don’t find a quorum in our environment. Now we can connect thousands of people with the same interests as us, whether in another city or another continent.

With this blog ALTERVIDEO wants to inform and be informed, listen and talk to our customers, suppliers, friends and all those people interested in audiovisual creation. In short, with any user who arrives at our website, whether they know us or not, even if they arrive by mistake

We want to create a common space to exchange opinions, ideas and proposals with all of you.

Welcome to your blog.